Marketing Strategy

Generating real bottom-line results and building sustainable competitive advantage
Marketing strategy used to be a world of ideas and creativity. Now we are a whole new world of technology, data and solutions

Conversion Hub’s business is helping to make companies more valuable through digital transformation.

We work with top management to beat their competitors online and develop substantial, lasting results through our The Communicator’s Code (TCC™) framework.

We look at online marketing strategy problems as an integrated, cohesive whole involving a 360˚ Stakeholder approach and to make that big decision on organization, operations, marketing and technology.

Digital Transformation Framework

The TCC Methodology

A Proven Process for Digital Business Transformation

We are not mere academics. We build a digital business ourselves – which was acquired by SPH for $60 million.

How do I develop an online engagement strategy? How does a global university brands itself on multiple social media channels? What is the most effective way to dominate search engine rankings? How can a website be designed for sustainable competitive advantage?

Why is no one coming to my million dollar web portal? What is the most effective way for a leading car dealer to go online?

In today’s complex and rapidly changing internet environment, such high-level and strategic questions such as these defy easy answers and textbook solutions.

A handful might be able to give you an accurate diagnosis of the problem. But Conversion Hub can provide a practical, effective path to strategy implementation—one that can generate real bottom-line conversion results and sustainable competitive advantage.

Our proprietary TCC™ methodology engages stakeholders and customers in an all-inclusive 360° way to move beyond conventional views and stagnant concepts to surface fresh viewpoints about how businesses can derive value online through qualitatively and quantitatively sifting ideas.

TCC™ separates purely communication departments from departments with digital capabilities in unified data and processes, business & IT integration, analytics capabilities and solution delivery.

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NUS Business School

NUS Business School

Over 900 alumni volunteers, 400% increase in daily pageviews



Over 2,039,384 forum posts by members

Bayer HealthCare

Bayer HealthCare

3000+ Fans (200% above Target)

SPM Community Curate

SPM Community Curate

Exceeded initial target by over 460%.

Our Clients

Vendor of choice for NHB, NEA, Singapore Pools, HDB, Mindef, NUS, SMU, MIT, Sentosa, Prime Minister Office, SingTel, Bayer HealthCare, Packard Bell, Microsoft and many others