Total Defence 2011

MINDEF achieves its Best-Performing Total Defence Campaign with


Nexus is a department of the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and plays a leading role in developing a shared sense of nationhood among Singaporeans.


Nexus needed to build a national campaign outreach that every Singaporean is able to relate to and participate with their friends and family members to increase national unity among fellow Singaporeans in commemoration of the upcoming Total Defence Day. Conversion Hub was engaged as their Singapore Website Designer, to developer their website design in Singapore.

Singapore Website Designer -


The objectives of the campaign were to enhance Singapore’s social and psychological defence. This was carried out by raising $300,000 for charity organisation ComChest, as well as encouraging people to participate in the “Home” Video Contest and sharing the “Home” music video.

In order to achieve this, Conversion Hub developed a highly interactive online portal with a strong focus on social media engagement to create a viral effect. This was made possible as the portal leverages on already established and dominant APIs from leading websites, resulting in a symbiotic Web 2.0 ecosystem.


In terms of user engagement, this campaign became the best performing Total Defence campaign to date by achieving the following within a 3-month period:

  • $300,000 raised for charity in less than 8 weeks
  • Over 880 videos submitted (Exceeded internal KPI by 76%)
  • Over 432,000 views from both “Home” video & YouTube channel
  • Over 120,000 votes
  • Over 20,500 ‘Likes’
  • Over 1,700 comments