Social Media Marketing Singapore

What is your Corporate and Business Strategy?

Your website is linking to Twitter and Facebook. Way to go! But do you really want to send your visitors to another website? How are you driving traffic and how are you turning readers into sales or leads? Are you able to start a conversation with your users and engage grassroots efforts?

What is your corporate and business strategy? Do you have synergy and leverage across your entire online assets portfolio? Or is there confusion and brand dilution with due to multiple pages being created at all levels of your organization?

Our Social Media Marketing Singapore Services

  • Executive Sponsor & Cross-Functional Social Media Team
  • Social media guidelines for Singapore employees on appropriate use and conduct on social networking sites
  • Reviewing and auditing social media assets at least quarterly
  • Developing a succession plan for Twitter accounts and Facebook Pages
  • Establish a process for handing off certain customer requests or complaints
  • Stanardizing on tools and metrics, policies and processes
  • Grassroots outreach
  • Partnering with IT, Legal and Compliance
  • Communicating Business Value to your Stakeholders

Need a quick guide in responding to web post? Feel free to download our practical reference social media marketing Singapore response chart , released under creative commons.

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View our case Studies

View Our Case Studies

NUS Business School

NUS Business School

Over 900 alumni volunteers, 400% increase in daily pageviews



Over 2,039,384 forum posts by members

Bayer HealthCare

Bayer HealthCare

3000+ Fans (200% above Target)

SPM Community Curate

SPM Community Curate

Exceeded initial target by over 460%.

Our Clients

Vendor of choice for NHB, NEA, Singapore Pools, HDB, Mindef, NUS, SMU, MIT, Sentosa, Prime Minister Office, SingTel, Bayer HealthCare, Packard Bell, Microsoft and many others