Usability Testing

With each engagement, we typically deliver in excess of 200% improvement in web performance

With over 1 trillion web pages indexed by Google, online visitors are increasingly becoming impatient due to excessive information overload on the internet. On average, web visitors take just 3 seconds before deciding to press the back button.

Websites usability has become one of the mot important aspects of any successful web project.

We work with clients from the usability design stage, handle execution and documentation of the usability blueprint, and also provide content copywriting services to convey the right message to your audience.

Our proprietary Humanized Web Design methodology that dramatically improves the efficacy of web performance and typically deliver at least a 200% improvement in web performance.

The diagram below provides a more detail overview of our usability testing methodology.

Humanized Design Usability Framework - Conversion Hub

At a Strategic level, this can only be achieved through a thorough understanding of your “Context” – Your Customers, Company and Competition in which you operate within.

At a Tactical level, we delve deeper into your layout and information architectural through a structured process of testing and validation. We developed our own in-house proprietary tools to determine optimal navigation structure and labels using in sgCarMart. These tools which include cart sorting and tree path analysis, allows us to test multi-leveled information architecture site.

At a Consulting level, we are also mindful on the need to meet expectation and deliver “ROI” to our clients. This is typically measured across our “HUMAN” variables in which we establish a baseline to measure “Before” and “After” engagement benefits in a tangible way.



total Defence

Total Defence 2011

$300,000 raised for charity in less than 8 weeks



Over 2,039,384 forum posts by members

NUS Business School

NUS Business School

Over 900 alumni volunteers, 400% increase in daily pageviews

SPM Community Curate

SPM Community Curate

Exceeded initial target by over 460%.

Usability testing – design

Understanding platform design is mission critical in a rapidly changing online landscape and rising expectations of the users. We observe and interview your target groups and analyze them against underlying online behavioral realities. Our proven methods include:

  • Expert Review
  • 360˚ Humanized Analysis
  • Moderated Usability testing
  • Humanized heuristic evaluations

Usability testing – execution and documentation

  • Persona and Scenarios
  • Design templates
  • Design Style guides
  • User interface specifications
  • Information Architecture & Concept

Usability testing – content copy-writing

Our copywriters are trained in writing for the web where information must be succinct, precise, engaging, as well as optimized for search engine visibility.

Our website copies are written with a view to driving conversions, articulating key brand messages and gaining organic rankings within search engines. At the next level, we also evaluate your website’s tone of voice, content structure, and how brand values are being articulated.

Our Clients

Vendor of choice for NHB, NEA, Singapore Pools, HDB, Mindef, NUS, SMU, MIT, Sentosa, Prime Minister Office, SingTel, Bayer HealthCare, Packard Bell, Microsoft and many others