Website Design Singapore

Need a website designer in Singapore to work on your upcoming project?

Web Design Singapore
Looking for a website designer? Your website is the first impression a customer has of your business. Don’t let it be their last. Work with the best.

Conversion Hub is a website design and hosting company located in Singapore.

We help build and market sgCarMart before it was eventually acquired by SPH for $60 million. Through this unique entrepreneurial experience, our website designers have developed a strong focus on usability and informational efficiency in our website design.

Website Design Singapore

Since 2008, our Singapore website designers have worked closely with numerous clients including NHB, NEA, Singapore Pools, HDB, Mindef, NUS, SMU, MIT, Sentosa, Prime Minister Office, SingTel, Bayer HealthCare, Packard Bell, Microsoft and many others to develop the next generation of website designs in Singapore.

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website design singapore

Singapore Pools

Research has shown that it only takes 3 seconds for a visitor to decide if the page they land on is relevant and offers the information they need. Failing which they hit the ‘back’ button on their browsers.

Today, web design in Singapore is no longer about what looks nice and flashy. It is about delivering an experience that can best achieve a client’s objectives with best of breed usability, engaging content copy and interactive design.

At Conversion Hub, our website designer specializes in doing just that. We piece together optimized copywriting, intuitive information architecture, clear USP presentation, enhanced user experience, and fabulicious design into one seamless experience.

Internet Marketing Recognition & Accreditation

  • w3-award
  • w3-silver
  • academy
  • davey-awards
  • designfirms
  • r
  • liveware

Our Exemplary Qualifications

  • S6 Gebiz Government approved vendor for website design Singapore projects up to $3,000,000
  • Digital Advisor to the Direct Marketing Association of Singapore
  • Proprietary Humanized Web Design methodology that improve performance by 200%-300%
  • Proprietary Software for information architecture optimization through Card Sorting & Tree Path analysis
  • Conversion Hub Marketing is a SPH Associate Company

Unique Web Experience & Heritage

  • Consulting Panel including sgCarMart’s founding team
  • sgCarMart is Singapore No.1 user-generated content car portal
  • sgCarMart attracts over 2.6 unique visitors and generates over 36 million page views
  • sgCarMart was acquired by SPH for $60 million
  • Internet Marketing Recognition & Accreditation

Our website design Singapore services include:

  • Focus Group Research & Persona Development
  • Information Architecture Analysis through Cart Sorting & Tree Path Analysis
  • Website Theme Design & CMS Integration
  • Branding & Design Style guides
  • User interface Design
  • Website User Testing


total Defence

Total Defence 2011

$300,000 raised for charity in less than 8 weeks



Over 2,039,384 forum posts by members

NUS Business School

NUS Business School

Over 900 alumni volunteers, 400% increase in daily pageviews

SPM Community Curate

SPM Community Curate

Exceeded initial target by over 460%.

Our Website Design Singapore Clients

Vendor of choice for NHB, NEA, Singapore Pools, HDB, Mindef, NUS, SMU, MIT, Sentosa, Prime Minister Office, SingTel, Bayer HealthCare, Packard Bell, Microsoft and many others